Help a loved one get a Stair Lift

Sometimes reaching out to others to help them can be a challenging experience, especially when the time comes to¬†modify a person’s home to allow them to continue a life of accessibility and independence they may not be ready to admit is changing.

People with disabilities, or issues with accessibility or mobility, face a multitude of obstacles in their physical environment. These barriers can prevent them from attending school, working, accessing services like healthcare, participating in community activities, or enjoying a full life moving independently inside or outside their home.

Creating a barrier-free environment is key to including people with disabilities as equal members of society. When steps are taken to remove physical barriers, individuals, including children, older people, those with chronic diseases, can benefit from continued mobility.

All Access can supply a full range of stair lifts, chair lifts, auto lifts, bathroom rails, and any ADA compliant home modifications that need to be made. Our team of Accessibility Associates can help you start the process of choosing which products are best for you, or help you schedule a free consultation to discuss with you, or anyone who needs help with their mobility, then finally installing whatever products are necessary to help improve your loved one’s quality of life.

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Coming home, to the land of no steps.