Aging in Place with All Access Company

As more and more people choose to age in place, they find that their home – once so perfect for them and a family – now needs a bit of TLC to suit their changing needs.

This is especially true in homes with basements or upstairs bedrooms. Stairs can become increasingly difficult to negotiate as people age or become less sturdy physically.

Perhaps you have a basement workshop. Or an office upstairs. And you are not ready to give either of them up. What to do? Contact All Access. We can help.

All Access provides you with a number of options if you choose to modify your home with a stairlift. We have such a wide variety of choices that there’s something for every need and for every budget.

We can retrofit the inside of your home or the outside. Installation appointments are scheduled within a few days and most installations can be completed in a single day! Are you ready to change the quality of your life?

It’s your home, your castle. And you’re staying. Give yourself full and safe access to every level with a stairlift from the trained professionals at All Access Co.