Boomers Aging In Place Will Drive Home Remodeling Business

Expect a noticeable impact by the baby boom generation in home remodeling in the coming years. This demographic has driven the economy for decades, and in certain areas will no doubt continue to be the key force.

Small businesses dominate the home remodeling business and they report that they are enjoying a significant boost from the boomers’ desire to age in place. Many boomers turning to home remodelers are less interested in moving – to a sunnier climate or a tax haven and/or a smaller residence – and wish to retrofit their longtime dwelling to accommodate their changing bodies.

All Access Co. is ideally suited and well-equipped to handle such improvements to home accessibility. These include bathroom bars and ramps, to name two.

This growing desire to remain in a home filled with memories is, according to the Associated Press, particularly strong in the Northeast and Midwest, two places where the housing stock is older. With a major chunk of the population thinking about aging in place – the oldest of the 76.4 million boomers turn 71 this year – accessible housing is an issue.

A report by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing says to expect a jump in home-improvement spending by homeowners 65 and older. How big a jump? By 2025, boomers will account for almost one third of the total of dollars spent on remodeling. The 65-plus group spent less than half of that in 1995-2005.

There are many ways in which homes can be made safer and more accessible for wheelchairs and walkers. Call or contact All Access now and find out how your dream of aging in place can come true.

Avoiding Falls & Making Your Home More Accessible

Falls aren’t funny, even though they’re a staple of comedies. Falls are dangerous, devastating and deadly.

A NIH Senior Health report noted that one in three people over 65 falls each year. Risk increases with age.

More than 1.6 million older U.S. adults wind up in emergency departments for injuries related to falls. Falls, in this demographic, are the leading cause of fractures, hospital admissions for trauma, loss of independence, and injury deaths. The most dangerous room in the house: The bathroom, which combines wet, slick floors and with hard surfaces such as the toilet, the vanity top, the tub, the glass-enclosed shower.

Eliminate risks. Minimize the chances of falling. All Access Co of Philadelphia can update your bathroom to give you a great sense of security and confidence. We can custom-build standard bathrooms or modify any existing bathroom to add ADA compliant convenience and accessibility, including grabbers (grab bars or rails), toilets, sinks, and walk-in showers. Whatever your need is, call us to discuss your project and we can help you find the right solution, plan out your space, and install to your custom specifications.

An ADA-compliant bathroom allows for comfortable aging in place, adding convenience and safety for you while also helping to maintain your property value.

Ready to enhance your independence and quality of life? Call All Access Co today at 215-769-1500 or contact us online!

Modifications to Make Your Home More Accessible

Modifications to a home to enhance accessibility may well be more affordable than you think. All Access works with our customers to offer the best possible price and financing on our fine line of products, installation, and remodeling.

Here are a few things to know about keeping costs in line:

  • Home accessibility solutions may qualify for a tax credit. Improvements for made for the sake of accessibility often qualify for a deduction. The federal government and many states offer tax incentives in such cases. Note that we at All Access not tax experts, so please check with your tax professional.
  • Accessibility modifications to your home are an eligible medical deduction on federal income tax under “Medical and Dental Expenses.” You may deduct only the amount of eligible medical and dental expenses that is more than 7.5 percent of your adjusted gross income. As part of those medical expenses, you may include amounts paid for special equipment installed in a home, or for other modifications if their main purpose was medical care for you, your spouse, or a dependent.

Contact us now for a consultation. We can help you modify your home and make it more accessible, whether the need is immediate or as you age in place. And your tax professional can also help. Here’s to you living your best life, now and in the future!