Summer Safety Tips for the Mobility-Impaired During Quarantine

The summer of 2020 is truly an extraordinary time for a wide variety of reasons. To stay healthy and independent, the mobility-impaired may need to take some extra measures to protect themselves and their mobility equipment. After all, the more independent you are, the less you expose yourself to unnecessary risk. All Access Co wants to ensure you maintain and continue to improve your quality of life. For some tips on staying safe and healthy, read the rest of our blog below!

Charge and Bring Backup Equipment

Preparation is key! Always ensure that your main equipment is fully charged and that you have backup chargers and batteries close at hand. This helps ensure that you’re good to go in the case of a power outage or equipment malfunction.

Safely Utilize Portable Mobility Ramps

Our wheelchair ramps are customized to meet the specific needs of each of our customers. This customization, coupled with proper use of the product, is crucial for safety. Your mobility ramp is key to being able to get out and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Be sure you know not only how to properly have your ramp set up, but also how to store your portable ramp, in order to ensure safety and security.

Stay Cool

Staying hydrated is crucial during the hot summer months, especially for mobility chair users. Never go outside without water or some other fluid and be sure you know the signs of dehydration and heat stroke. Remember: the first signs of dehydration is being thirsty so drink up!

Plan Far Ahead of Time

It is important to plan for any accessibility needs before heading out. If you know of potential issues ahead of time, you can start by calling your destination before your arrival to discuss your needs. This will not only alleviate your stress but it also gives your destination the opportunity to prepare for your entrance.

A little planning ahead of time can ensure you have a great summer. Always ensure that you are prepared and that safety comes first. If you have any questions regarding mobility products or how to properly use your mobility chair or ramp, contact the expert customer service team at All Access Co today. Just call 215-769-1500 or contact us online!