Ways to Improve Your Home’s Accessibility

When the time comes for All Access to help modify your residence for greater accessibility, we can promise the type of service and quality work that our many customers in the greater Philadelphia area have long enjoyed.

We can add rooms, or put in a stairlift. We can make adaptations to existing layouts in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, patio, porch – or anywhere inside or outside your home to make it safer for you and your family to age in place.

We also want you to know of some other changes you can make to the home, especially if a senior (or two) will be living alone or a person with limited mobility will be staying with you. We’re talking here about home security and resources for emergencies.

• Seniors who live independently must be able to reach emergency services in the event of a fall or a medical issue. A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) can easily summon emergency services. These systems ensure you’re never alone when you need help.

• Monitored alarm services provide seniors with a system that operates itself. When an alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to a 24/7-monitoring center, where operators assess the emergency and dispatch authorities.

All Access Co. is ready to provide you with the renovation plan and work you need. Call us today at (215) 769-1500.