Improving Home Accessibility with Wheelchair Lifts

Your mobility limitations don’t have to restrict what you do and where you go! In data analysis performed by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, about 23% of people that experience mobility impairments need specialized equipment or assistance to help them get around. If this describes you – for example, if you utilize a mobility scooter, a wheelchair, or other similar equipment to help your mobility, then a platform or auto lift may greatly improve your quality of life. These home enhancements increase your independence while ensuring your safety at the same time. All Access Co provides a variety of home improvement services specifically for the mobility-impaired – call 215-769-1500 or contact us online to learn more! In the meantime, read on to explore some of our customers’ favorite home accessibility options.

Stair Lift

A stair lift is ideal for your home if you have indoor or outdoor stairs to navigate. It works exactly like it sounds, where you simply wheel your wheelchair or scooter onto a platform and it will lift you to the next level. These are often called a vertical platform lift or a porch lift, so it’s important to know most of the time they mean the same thing. Investing in a stair lift is one of the safest ways to get up and down the stairs without even having to get out of your wheelchair or scooter.

Auto Lift

Whether you have to travel down the road to buy groceries or like to travel across the country, an auto lift can be one of the most convenient things you own. There are auto lifts available to fit virtually every vehicle and can transport your wheelchair or mobility scooter with ease. If you have a truck, options are available for storing it in the bed or externally. Other vehicles can connect the auto lift in the back to make it simple to push your device on and keep it safe while transporting it.

Home Elevator

A home elevator is one of the more luxurious and convenient options when it comes to wheelchair lift. Contrary to what many people believe, a home elevator doesn’t take up a significant amount of space in the home and it usually blends in well with the layout of a home. It functions just like a regular elevator you are used to, but it’s a bit smaller for ease of home installation. Professional installers can work with the current layout of your home and make slight modifications to install it safely and ensure it is aesthetically pleasing.

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