How a Ramp Can Bring Independence and Safety to Any Home

When Debbie’s aging and ailing father moved in with her and her family, there were plenty of adjustments for everybody.

Her dad missed his privacy and his freedom. Her kids lost the use of a bathroom. And everyone had to get accustomed to physical changes needed in their suburban New Jersey house to accommodate the use of a wheelchair and a walker.

Some adjustments were easy. Debbie’s husband attached a seat lift to the toilet for Grandpa. The kids went around the house making sure electric cords and the edges of rugs weren’t going to pose a tripping hazard.

All Access had a few ideas as well, and Debbie loved them.

To get Grandpa in from the garage in the back, we installed a ramp to the side entrance of the home, at the kitchen. No more stairs to climb. We added grab bars to the bathroom (and that’s about the best $175 anyone can spend – falls in the bathroom can be deadly). We widened the doorway to Grandpa’s bedroom so that his wheelchair would easily roll through.

Everyone has settled in. Everyone is happy. Debbie can look after her dad, the children get quality time with their grandfather, and we can count another satisfied customer in the Philadelphia/N.J. suburbs.

We’re All Access Co. We can help with your home modifications, including ramps, rails, and stairlifts.